Research Highlights

The Early Childhood Intervention and Parental Involvement in Bangladesh

Early childhood is widely recognised as a critical phase of human development, and interventions targeted at this stage have a farther reaching impact than those targeted later in life. Preschool education has been found to confer significant benefits on children in developed countries.

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Can engaging parents lead to better educational outcomes for Bangladeshi children?

Parents play an important role in the education of their children. In rural communities in Bangladesh, simple interventions, such as conducting regular face-to-face meetings between teachers and parents has had significant outcomes for primary school children.

Technology Adoption, System of Rice Intensification and Food Security in Rural Bangladesh

SRI is a rice management practice aimed at increasing the yield of rice produced in farming. It has increased rice production in developing countries by up to 80%. Although SRI has been introduced at a small, pilot scale in some locations in Bangladesh, adoption and diffusion rates appear to be low, as appears true in other countries. Given its purported productivity and earnings potential, low uptake of SRI technology seems rather puzzling.